Thursday, 7 March 2013

Autoftpbackup configuration on openvz

A complete details about autoftpbackup can be found from --

Admincp >> Nodes > List > Manage Node (On the Node you wish to backup) > Auto FTP Backup.

Under FTP Server Settings
Profile         --> make it default
IP or Hostname  --> FTP server ip
Username        --> FTP user name
Password        --> FTP user password
Port            --> FTP server port, usually port 21
Passive         --> leave it as it is.
Directory       --> / is default

Under Backup Settings
Enabled                      --> Turn backup ON or OFF
Frequency                    --> Run the backup every day, week or month
Run Time                     --> 00-23 hours, 00-59 mins
Day                          --> Only required for weekly
Day of Month                 --> Only required for monthly
Rotation                     --> How many backups per vps you want to keep
Ionice Priority              --> 0: High - 7: Low. Default is 4
Ionice Class                 --> 1: realtime, 2: best-effort, 3: idle. Default is 2
Nice                         --> Niceness range from -20 to 19 (least favorable). Default is 19
Xen HVM/KVM Compression Type --> bzip2 or pbzip2  
pbzip2 Threads (Xen/KVM)     --> 1
OpenVZ Backup Type           --> Online
KVM/Xen Backup Type          --> Online
OpenVZ Temp Directory        --> Default: /vz/dump
KVM/Xen Temp Directory       --> Default: /tmp
Exclude VPS                  --> CTRL + Click to select multiple

Then click "update"

If you want to run this now, Login into main node and then run
# /usr/bin/php /usr/local/solusvm/includes/autoftpbackup.php

This will take backup of your vps and stored to the FTP server.
Restoring backups can be done via CLI on the node in question. To start a restore, do the following in SSH:
# /scripts/ftp-restore

When asked, enter the vserver id of the vps you want to restore as shown in SolusVM.
Please note: If the VPS has been removed from SolusVM then you will need to create a New VPS for the client and run the following command:
# /usr/sbin/vzdump --restore /path/to/backup/file NEW-CONTAINER-ID

That's all :)